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About SVP Network


Launched February 4th, 2013, SVP is a fast growing network on Comcast that serves over 300 thousand households in the mid-south covering areas in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

SVP offers diversified programming including, reality television, sports, newsworthy specials, talk shows, documentaries, concerts, and educational and faith-based programs. SVP delivers real life and entertainment programming.

SVP Network represents a connection to the authentic, rich, and diverse experience of the life, history, and culture of all races.

SVP is a fast-growing company that plans on expanding its broadcasting throughout national markets within the next upcoming months.

Our goal is to broaden the span of entertainment and uplift our youth through the usage of our community sponsored programs.

On July 14, 2017, Owner/CEO Sam Smith passed away and Debbie McClennon has become owner and CEO of SVP TV Network. Sam's dream lives on through our staff and the students of SVP Kids, Inc.

The Team

The People of SVP Network

SVP TV Network
Debbie McClennon
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